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A year ago, Constantinople was fallen by a stroke of the Crusader’s sword and the damage is done. The old Elders have been slain, and the grip of Rome is truly dead. For Canite it is a time of unknowns, for Kine it is the beginning of the end for an era of darkness before the new dawn of Enlightenment.

As the Canites of the West pray; territories, borders and maps must be redrawn. New powers demand their dues, and of course, new blood to spill to secure that power. It is a War of Princes for principalities caked in mud drowning in blood.

Without the vast powers of the ancient Elders of Troy, peace is broken. The old truces and peace of the old way are gone, let Canite hunt Canite while Kine roots out the darkness. Blood is only Blood these night and without power it means nothing.

However it is in Venice the we set our tale of horror. Venice is a city of Coin, a city of trade, a city of lies and a city of betrayal. Twenty years ago most Cainites would laugh in your face about living in a soggy Kine crowded city. These nights however it is a much different story. The wealth of Venice has never been something to sneer at, however several crusades, the opening of Islamic markets and now without the lack of the Elders of Troy influence, many see the city as an opportunity to reestablish the great court with themselves as the true rules this time.

To play in this drama of blood and death are the young, recently sired Vampires, their Sires have come to Venice for their own reasons. As a young neophyte are floundering in an ocean of blood as much as the new elders who seem to not know what to do next themselves.

Home Page

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