Diceless Combat Rules

Diceless Storyteller Combat Rules

The idea is to create an Easy and fast system where we can move through Combat quickly, narratively exciting and not get bogged down in rolls as the game’s attendance is quite large.

The Process I have will be for a way to quickly make any skill roll an attempted by the player an easy static difficulty that they can possibly overcome.

Stats for Antagonizes is simplified into a simple 1 through 5 in Power, Finesse, and Resistance. These are added to a Skill ranking in Physical, Mental and Social also ranked at 1 through 5. Finally should the Antagonize possess special things, they will be added to the Special section and its rank.


Character Antagonize
Stat Rank
Power #
Finesse #
Resistance #
Skill Rank
Physical #
Mental #
Social #
Special Powers

When an action against a Antagonize is taken the player will roll against the combination of Stat and SKill for difficulty, should that number exceed 10 it will default to 10 for the propess of rolling. Success for most thing will follow the Degrees of Success, or DoS, with combat the exception.

1 success Marginal you get what you want, but at a cost, with potential consequences or imperfections
2 successes Moderate you get what you want, but with a cost, consequence, or imperfection
3 successes Complete you get what you want within reason
4 successes Exceptional you get what you want, beyond expectations
5 successes Phenomenal you perform with perfection, or you’ve created lasting greatness

Combat will break down into three tiers for Success. Degree of Success will break down into 1s, 3s, and 5s. One a One or Two Dos will move the combat in favor of the Player, enough of these and the player will deal a wound automatically. If the player rolls enough DoS they will wound without needing to carry a round. and If the Roll is great enough they will Critically hit and cause a Critical Hit and Possible Death

Type Round Favours to Wound DoS to Wound DoS Critical Hit
Human 1 3 5
Supernatural 1 5 7
Monster 5 7 10

Diceless Combat Rules

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