Lodovico Il Odioso

"Give me a reason to care..."

Combat 10
Mental 9
Intelligence 7

Lodovico is usually in plate of some kind.


Lodovico is an old elder who is cited as the hero of the Crusade against the Elders of Troy. For his glory before god and his foes he carved out a place for himself in Venice. While this upset the lower clans of the area; namely the Govani, he has the back of several local regional powers in the area.

Lodovico is a lead general for his clan which is currently fighting a strange long war with the Tzimisce, the Anda and the Treme. The Tzimisce alliance of Eastern Gangrel clans and Nosferatu clans is a struggle as three combine happen to create a situation that is difficult to plan.

The Anda are raiding deeper and deeper in ally lands while they hit both friend and hostile target they are nearly constantly shifting creating an element of chaos to any plan.

Finally there is the Treme, allies at the time only in that Ventrue need sorcerers to counter the Tzimisce and their strange powers, both the control of the land and the mutation of their ghoul troops. The Treme alliance is a short term alliance, both sides know once the smoke clears there will a new war. Neither side wish to commit to the violence needed to win any the other conflict with this knowledge pressing on them.

Worst now is that many of the mortal proxies of the Ventrue are committing themselves to the Fifth crusade and marching south to Jerusalem, and God willing will be victorious.

Lodovico Il Odioso

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