Donatienn L'ancien Châtelain

"Naturally once I have the backing of few more Ancillae, I'll retake what is mine, you will be rewarded then..."


Beautiful and aloof L’ancien Châtelain appears little more than a fair haired maiden with porcelain skin, sired some time after Martel earned his bloody throne she has been a powerful force in the last few hundred years.

However a faction split with in clan when the Robertian dynasty usurping mortal power in France from the Carolingian put L’ancien Châtelain on the loyal opposition in her clan’s hierarchy.

When a scheme of hers went badly, due to a love forlorn knight, a terrible engagement letter and a badly timed sonnet in front of a paramore’s husband, she had to flee France.

She has managed to make friends in Italy through using her limited troops in the Sacking of Constantinople.

She works to secure her power while continuing to spread the beauty and writing of the Carolingian principles.

Donatienn L'ancien Châtelain

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