Bjorn варяжской

"I have fought the Greek, the Roman, the Carthagian, the Muslim, all fell before my axe and time... So too will your God."


As a man Bjorn was seven feet tall draped in heavy mail carrying a axe, sheath sword and a shield.

As a Gangrel he has wolf eyes and teeth like a lion and claws of bears. Still in armor and often tearing men in half with his raw strength alone.


Bjorn was sire some time ago in his long service he has been a Mercenary, bodyguard, pirate, bandit, paladin, folk hero and legend.

In Cainite society he is often employed as a sheriff. He served in the Varangian Guard in death, as such he did protect the Elders of Troy but it is whispered even they feared him.

Currently Employed by the Patriarch.

Bjorn варяжской

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