Baldrick the Adder

A Cunning plan sire...

Combat 6
Mental 6
Intelligence 7

Baldrick has extensive knowledge of Herbology and Bloodletting. His hands are steady and blades are sharp.

He also know the best place to get Hirudo medicinalis.


When the Traveling Monk sired Gogol, the Monk had no reason to carry his young fledging with him, instead the monk left the fledging in the care of a Revenant servant with several letters. One letter was for Baldrick. Another letter was for a Govani Patriarch, and one finally for Gogol himself.

Baldrick was able to get Gogol to a meeting with the Patriarch and provide the letter.

Baldrick manages and runs the Medical Barber during the day while tending to the shifts in humors of Gogol during the night.

Baldrick is fit, looks healthy for his station. He has an odd collection of scars along his body. Generally he is scruffy but maintained, he is a barber (assistant) after all.

Baldrick the Adder

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