Rabbi Amnon

אם מילה שוות שקל אחד, שתיקה שווה שני


This rabbi is rather short with dark skin and laugh lines. A potbellied and generally looking more like a kindly grandfather. Not the ancient Vampire that he is.


Amnon is “The Jew,” if anyone mentions The Jew it is Amnon they speak, while Amnon sees to most of the Jewish Community he often there for the Jewish Cainites more.

Amnon has been in the city since the Byzantine turn the swamp into to something. He is as much a fixture as he is a player in the nightly game

Amnon generally has no interest in the game, though he understands the need for pawns, especially given how the Christian react at any given moment.

Amnon was sired sometime around Alexzander conquest of Jerusalem. He knew several of the Elders of Troy, and generally many blame him for the Four Crusade. “Oy vey”

Rabbi Amnon

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